Farmers' Markets in Wales

Wed 16th August 2017Welcome to the Farmers' Markets in Wales



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Producer Directory

Here you will find details of our registered producers. If you would like to join them, or just want some more information about the process of selling at farmers markets, drop us a line. We are setting up a producer portal here in the next few weeks so check back soon.

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Locally produced jams, chutneys, sauces, cordials and other yumminess. Produced in small batches, by hand, by Deb.

07753 424282

Our ambitions are simple-we want to make chocolates that will be as fine as any you have ever tasted. Probably we shall never get there-but it will not be for want of trying. We let nothing stand in the way of quality and flavour, and our chocolates are handmade from start to finish. No batch is ever quite identical to another, except, we hope, in quality and flavour. With new premises we have been able ...

The Slade