Farmers' Markets in Wales

Wed 16th August 2017Welcome to the Farmers' Markets in Wales



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Producer Directory

Here you will find details of our registered producers. If you would like to join them, or just want some more information about the process of selling at farmers markets, drop us a line. We are setting up a producer portal here in the next few weeks so check back soon.

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Emma&#39s Pigs is a family run business started by Emma who surprised her parents by asking for a couple of rare breed pigs for her 14th birthday! Thinking this would be a passing phase they sent her on a pig keeping course to show her that pigs were not really ideal pets, as they would be a lot of work to look after and were hardly cuddly! Instead of putting Emma off pig keeping, this ...

Bycross Cottage
07876 597668

A family business based on our farm in Gold Cliff, Newport. We keep and breed bees and produce honey. We produce baked goods such as pies, pasties, calzones and pizzas. We also produce high-end ready prepared meals. We only use free range meat sourced mostly, and where possible, from other market traders. We are working to raise awareness of heritage meats such as mutton, We grow all our own herbs and around 40% of our ...

Elm Tree Farm
South Wales
NP20 3EL