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The Royal Welsh Show-Farmers' Market Refreshment Concession

The Royal Welsh Show
July 24th-July 2th 2017
Farmers' Market Picnic Site Refreshment Concession.

Now in its tenth year, the Farmers' Markets in Wales catering concession has become a well-established and attractive feature of The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. The object is to offer high quality food and drink of truly Welsh origin giving visitors a genuine and unique true taste of Wales experience. As a Farmers' Market collective the focus is on small artisan Welsh food and drink producers who source their ingredients, either from their own farms or known local suppliers.

The concession consists of an 18 m² grassed area surrounded on three sides by tarmac walk ways. The site is situated in an attractive part of the show ground with the adjacent Floral Hall, and extra, tree sheltered picnic benches supplied by the Society.

Show ground map showing location of FMIW site

A 6 m X 18m marquee is set down the centre of the site with 3 m² catering areas serving from each side of the marquee to the grassed area set out with picnic benches. There are central cold storage facilities as well as a utensil washing area supplied with sink and hot water.

Plan of picnic site (not to scale) showing stall numbers and location of services.

Producers operating in Wales who offer refreshment services are invited to apply to be considered for inclusion in the 2017 Royal Welsh Show. The following table includes application information with online forms that need completing. The deadline for applications is 28th February 2017. Applicants will be selected according to how closely they fulfil the aims of the concession as well as the collective need to provide a well balanced choice of food and drink.

Please contact Farmers' Markets in Wales for further information or assistance. Tel:01600887255

Application Information
RWAS Tradestand Regulations

FMIW Terms of Engagement
RWAS Electricity Order Form    FMIW Registration Form 
RWAS Risk Assessment Form     Application Form

A selection of images of the FMIW concession at previous Royal Welsh Shows.

( for further details or assistance please contact FMIW (07731647020) Email,

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