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The end of a chapter at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival

Farmers' Markets in Wales has recently been told, by an RWAS staff member, that the Society has decided it no longer wishes the Farmers' Market to be part of the Spring Festival but rather that the Food Hall will take over and be run along the same lines as at the Royal Welsh Show and Winter Fair. This brings to an end the farmers' market presence which has been a popular feature of the former Smallholders Show and more recently Spring Festival since 2004.

It was in that year the then WDA, who were contracted to run the Food Hall at the three annual RWAS Shows, asked Stephen Shearman, who manages Farmers' Markets in Wales, to take over the running of the Food Hall at the Smallholders Show. There was funding available which enabled reasonable stall fees to be set allowing a greater focus to be made on small scale businesses. The “small is beautiful” mantra fitted well with the type of visitors attending the Show, and in it's heyday, the Farmers' Market was both popular and successful.

Farmers' Markets in Wales pioneered the offering of refreshments directly from the attending producers many of whom where farmers using their own produce as ingredients. This grew in popularity and after a few years had largely displaced the traditional fast food offering.

The Society changed the name of the Show to the Spring Festival some years ago and it's nature has changed. The Welsh Assembly withdrew funding in 2011 since when the the Farmers' Market has been self financing which has been been no small achievement.

It remains for Farmers' Markets in Wales to wish the Society good fortune in achieving it's aims with the hope that the many producers who have attended over the years will find suitable accommodation. For those wishing to find out more about the Spring Festival 2015 please contact the Spring Festival Director : Kay Spencer

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