Farmers' Markets in Wales

Wed 16th August 2017Welcome to the Farmers' Markets in Wales



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Use the input box below to enter a seach phrase to find a product. The search information entered will scan product names, descriptions and categories. E.g. The word Meat will find all products under the category of meat, whereas carrots will find produce called carrots or a description containing the word carrots

If using a search phrase above does not return the result you expect, try using the category search tree below. You can select more than one category at a time. The numbers in brackets indicate how many subcategories and how many products in total within the whole category. The + next to the file drawer icon can be clicked to expand the tree so you can view the contents of the category. When you do this, the + changes to a minus, which if clicked shrinks the tree back to reduce the information on screen. When you have decided you have selected everything for your seach, press the search button and the results will be displayed on another screen.