The aim of this site is to provide a source of information for customers to discover what produce is available in their locality, how, where and by whom it is produced, and how it may be obtained. Currently being rebuilt on an advanced platform, the site offers many improvements with an approach that ensures information is up to date and accurate. Farmers' Markets in Wale's core philosophy is the fostering of collaborative networks that support  local food chains.

The site focus:  

  • the site enables local producers to sell their produce direct to the final customer using a variety of methods e.g. at markets, online or home delivery, direct from the farm (premises) etc. 
  • the fostering of a greater understanding of the source and nature of local produce
  • to minimize the environmental impact of production and distribution.
  • to support local economies
  • to contribute to the well being of local communities.


Producers, markets and farm shops wishing to be listed will need to register an account