Farmers' Markets in Wales Membership

Farmers' Markets in Wales was set up in 2002 as a membership organisation. Membership is made up of individuals, whether customers, producers, markets, farm shops, etc. who share a common interest in supporting and further developing local food networks. 

There are several categories of membership and if you wish to become one, please apply for an account


Categories of Membership

  • Customers: can be added to mailing lists and be able to order items from member producers.
  • Producer: can have a dedicated section on the website, receive orders from customer members, publish news items and blogs, etc. as well as the option of an onsite store (an online shop)
  • markets -information for customers and potential stallholders, a location map, and an event calendar.
  • Farm Shops a listing with information for customers, a location map, etc.

Information about how to access the various options will be sent when the account application has been completed.

Information on the site is subject to a suite of site search methods enabling customers to quickly find out about local products, where, how, and by whom they have been produced, and how they may be obtained.