Market News, November 7th 2020

Please see the list of producers with links to the products available at this market.   

There will be a chance to collect Black Mountains Smokery orders from Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice. at this market and again on Saturday December 5th.

Monmouthshire Turkeys are taking orders for Christmas for collection at the Farm and the Usk Christmas Orders Collection Market on December 23rd.

Little Mill Natural Products  are adding to the Seasonal Focus with the first of this year's Mincemeat with Brandy

The following procedures must be observed.

On arrival at the Memorial Hall Car park:

  • Producers vehicles will be spaced out around the perimeter of the car park. 
  • There will be a clockwise flow of traffic with each customer displaying a clear sign of who they are so that the producers can identify the relevant order.
  • Customers are advised to open their boots on arrival in order for the producer to place the products directly into the car.
  • There will be pedestrian customers. Great care must be taken for their safety with a slow and patient clockwise progression around the car park.
  • The exchange with walking customers must be conducted so that a 2m clearance is maintained throughout.
  •  Long queues of traffic in the access roads must be avoided and should the car park become congested please go around again, or wait at a convenient place close by.
  • Please close your boot before leaving the car park.
  • Each producer will provide a table for pedestrian customers to collect their orders.
  • Producers offering products for direct sale:
    • Each producer must arrange the display in order that social distancing can be maintained throughout the transaction.
    • Products must not be handled by customers.
    • The use of cash should be actively discouraged, but if there is no alternative, methods to avoid direct handling must be devised. i.e. placing the exact amount of payment in a clearly marked envelope, (the amount and your name)   The virus can remain active for up to three days on surfaces.
  • The wearing of face masks is highly recommended
  • The NHS QR poster is displayed at various locations around the market, which can be scanned with the NHS mobile app. to record your presence at the market. The aim is to try and assist track and trace procedures should they be required.