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- to help boost your Immune System in these uncertain times.   For Vegans & Vegetarians          100ml (20 days), 200ml (40 days) & 300ml (60 days) in glass bottles.                   
This is a freshly made Liposomal Vit C supplement made by Dr. T adhering to strict guidelines & protocols. It is 100% genuine with zero GMO’s/sugars/soy/alcohol/gluten/artificial anything.  
Your body will absorb 95% of this liposomal saturating it with anti-oxidants to neutralize nasties, anti-histamines to reduce inflammatory conditions, it will help strengthen your Immune System, fight anti-aging, supports collagen production for healthy skin, bones, teeth & gums, supports the nervous system & boosts your energy.  Each bottle is freshly made to order using
the purest ingredients


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