Christmas Turkeys at Usk Farmers' Market

Langtons Farm

Christmas Turkeys are available from David and Katherine at Langtons Farm in Crickhowell and can be collected at Usk Farmers' Market on the 23rd December 4pm - 6pm

We've been raising turkeys this year, on pasture, moved to fresh grass every few days, and fed organic food their whole lives, just like our laying hens. We practice what is called Regenerative Agriculture.  They are Norfolk Blacks, a heritage breed.  We are expecting 4 - 6 kg for small and  7 - 10 kg for 18.80 /kg. We think moarminRst will be around 5kg or 8kg.

We will be taking a £50 deposit by bank transfer, with the balance due on collection (which we can take via card-reader).