Usk Farmers' Market June 19th 2021 9.00 am - 10.30 am

Please see the list of producers attending the market and taking orders.

Ordering Process:

  • Please use a dedicated Shopping Cart for each Producer from whom you wish to order.
  • Place selected items in your Shopping Cart. (use the add to cart button)
  • When the order is complete click on the Checkout Button.
  • Your Shopping cart can be retrieved by clicking on the items in the Cart link to the right  or mobile bottom, of this panel
  • Click on "cart" at the bottom left of the list to open your cart for further processing i.e edit, cancel, or Checkout to complete the order.

Your orders will be forwarded to the relevant stallholder and a confirmation email sent to your email address.  Stallholders will arrange payment using their own methods.