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Penrhiw Farm Dispatch September 4th 2019

3 weeks is a long time in farming and since the doom and gloom email for the 2019 corn harvest things have improved.  The peas and barley have been combined and the yield was surprisingly good but, as predicted, all had to go through  the drier and there are some very fat pigeons on Fforest !!.  The straw has been baled and is tucked up in the barn; the stubble ploughed and the winter rape for the lambs sown.  Still have to combine the oats and wheat - these crops are ready just need another window of weather.  A challenging harvest .....
Markets this week:   Rhiwbina on Friday, Roath, Usk and Tonteg on Sat (don't ask !!) and Riverside on Sunday.  

Don't forget it's Love Lamb week !! 


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The latest news from Penrhiw Farm

Hello  At last, we can say we have finished the harvest !!  Hopefully, by the time you read this the last of the straw will have been baled on Fforest and rushes baled on Penrhiw..  2019 has certainly been a CHALLENGE (it was all so easy last year with very light crops and a long dry summer)   This year, yields are so good the old combine couldn't cope with the weight and died  -  beyond resurrection.  A replacement had to hastily found - pictures on Facebook - and harvest started again last weekend.  Such a relief ! 

It's sheep sale time - ewes on Friday, the rams in a fortnight.  We all help with the catering so Graham will be in Rhiwbina on Friday: Usk and Roath on Sat and Riverside on Sunday as usual.  Hope to see you there

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Latest from Penrhiw Farm

Hello from 2 very soggy farms - we have certainly had some rain over the past few days.  Penrhiw is just very wet but the heavy rain and strong winds have wreaked havoc with the arable crops on Fforest.  We grow a combination crop of peas and barley which is a good source of home grown protein for the pigs and chickens but it is HIGH risk.  2 weeks ago it looked like the most promising crop we had ever grown but was not ready for harvest  -  now it is flat on the ground and a disaster.  Combining will be a nightmare and, if any can be salvaged, drying costs will only add to the heartache.  Who says farmers always mump  ........

Even the markets are quiet in the rain -  come on put on your wellies and waterproofs and support us !!  We will be at Roath this weekend -  not our usual weekend there but covering for Lodor Meat as Benni is ill.    Rhiwbina, Usk and Riverside as usual.    

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


What lovely weather which has allowed us to catch up on the hay making.  There are bales scattered all over the farm  and it is going to take an age to haul them all back to the yard  !!  Last year we were stressing that we wouldn't have enough to feed in the winter - this year we don't know where we are going to put all the bales  ... and we haven't finished yet.  We can't mow the hay meadows until the middle of July.  It's a nice problem to have but there is limited shed space for the hay.  

Busy market weekend ahead - Rhiwbina on Friday, Usk and Tonteg on Sat and Riverside on Sunday.   

Thursday, July 4, 2019

sheep with twins
sheep with rwins.png

Penrhiw Farm latest-Lambing has almost finished!!

Lots seems to have happened in the last fortnight.  Lambing has finished we think   - jury is out on the very last ewe - it is still possible but, my word, she must have been hiding somewhere from the ram last autumn !!   All grass seed and corn has been sown and is growing - we can just see green drill lines.   Pigs have all been moved to their summer quarters.   We managed to mow and bale a field of silage  -  all before the rain last Wed when Ffi and Celia took a day off to go to Windsor Horse Show.  It was a lovely day out but the weather was awful (too wet for the Queen !!). It is sod's law Windsor was much wetter than South Wales the day we visited.   We now have dreams of taking one of our horses next year .......

A quieter market weekend  -  the usual Cardiff ones with Usk on Saturday.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pig with piglets

Lambing is almost done - just a few stragglers left now but these still need watching.  It has been hard work with many assisted births which has really kept us busy.  Not sure why this year - possibly due to the "green" winter  when the ewes have done well with the lambs growing a bit too well in the womb ??  The hay we made last summer was excellent quality which possibly hasn't helped the well being.   Calving has almost slipped under the radar with minimal fuss - it just happened !!  

Most of the arable crops have been sown on Fforest with the fields slowly turning green again.   Peas and barley still to plant at Penrhiw and  there is even a field of silage ready to cut - so no rest ..........    Naughty ginger piglets are having great fun escaping from their pen and scampering about the yard -   they are going out the field very soon.

Busy market weekend  -  the usual Cardiff ones - Rhiwbina on Fri, Riverside on Sunday;  Usk and Tonteg on Sat  


A rushed update - it is SO busy!   Lambing is keeping us on our toes - thank goodness spring has returned and the weather is helping us.  That cold easterly wind was bad news - lambs suffering from wind chill and having to be revived in the Rayburn bottom oven is NOT supposed to happen in April. 

Spring cereal cultivations at Fforest / Cefn Coed  -  the seed was better in the bag last week with the white frost but suddenly it needs to be in the ground yesterday !  All systems GO before the rain next week  

New piglet arrivals too - the first of the ginger Tamworths.  I will put pictures on facebook later.

Have to try and fit market preparations next - Rhiwbina on Friday, Usk on Sat, Riverside on Sunday   ... must go !!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hello from a very wet and windy Penrhiw.  It is certainly wet on the farms now.  The early lambs are braving the weather and are quite happy with the excellent shelter provided by the stone walls.  The youngest ones are still indoors running races around the barn and using the round hay feeder as a trampoline !  They will go out on Sunday when there is a hint of an improvement.  Cows are calving - first time heifers at Penrhiw; more Dylan (the Welsh Black bull) offspring at Cefn Coed.

Markets this weekend - Rhiwbina on Friday, Usk on Sat and Riverside on Sunday

Let's hope Spring will have sprung by the time I write next !

Penrhiw Farm Dispatch 26/02/2019

Hello from a very springlike Penrhiw - it's warm - by day - dry, the lambs are gamboling in the fields and even the grass is growing albeit slowly.  Will it be an early spring ??  Winter fodder supplies are going down but no cause for panic yet - an early spring following that wonderful autumn we had will more than make up for the 2018 harvest shortfall.  Only time will tell but we are hanging on the weatherman's every word !!  At Cefn Coed, Welsh Black heifers and their calves went out a few days ago  -  the calves loved the freedom kicking their heels and playing. 

A busy market weekend ahead - Rhiwbina on Friday, Usk and Tonteg on Sat and Riverside on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pewnrhiw farm Latest January 30th 2020

Hello.  Early start this morning. -  the early lambing ewes need checking and the driver of a sheep feed lorry was ringing at 5.40 asking for directions.  Yes 5.40 !!  John was dragged from bed to unload a tonne of ewe nuts before most alarm clocks have rung !!  Lambing has started - 9 lambs so far  including an unexpected set of triplets  (the scanning lady missed those !)  

Busy market weekend  - the usual Cardiff markets plus Usk and Tonteg on Saturday.with the usual range of products.  Tamworth pork this week 


Thursday, January 30, 2020