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Oh dear it seems like ages since I have found time to pen an email update.  Here goes ..... can you believe that we have NOT yet finished the harvest - the end is in sight though with the very last fields of grass mown on Fforest / Cefn Coed.  By the weekend, we sincerely hope it will be "Harvest Home".  Harvest has been a long and drawn out affair with the arable crops suffering the most.  The peas and barley - such an essential crop to provide home grown protein for the pigs and chickens - is a high risk crop and is so vulnerable to bad weather just before harvest.  Factor in Storms Ellen and Francis and the prospect of a barn full of peas and barley is grim.  It was a bad yield and there are lots of fat pigeons plus a hefty fuel bill to pay for the drying.   Jury is out whether peas will feature in the arable rotation in 2021.   On a more positive note, there is plenty of grass this autumn with lovely conditions at the moment to graze it.  

It's sheep sale time - a BIG day for the girls on Friday.  The Penrhiw yearling ewes have been given a MOT and, with a clean bill of health, we hope they will shine in the sun.    

We continue with our Friday morning deliveries (Graham on duty this week), Usk market on Sat morning and Riverside market on Sunday.  Collections from the farm are still possible with many customers taking advantage of this.  

Take care and keep safe

The Penrhiw team

Hello.  A few changes to report.  We are nowhere near as busy with deliveries now so are making our way back to the markets.  We are back at Riverside on Sunday and hope to be back at Roath soon.   Porthcawl is back this Sat too.  Usk continues as usual with preorders and now an opportunity to buy on the day from a small selection of our surplus produce.   We will continue with deliveries in the Rhiwbina area, Caerphilly and locally for the moment.   We look forward to seeing our market customers again.


The summer is marching on - we are coming to the end of the grass harvest.  All the hay has been mown at Penrhiw and will, hopefully, bake in the mini heat wave forecast for the next 2 days.  Hay also mown at Cefn Coed too but still more to cut there.  Then we have to wait for the arable crops to ripen praying all the time there is no heavy rain and strong winds to flatten them.  All is looking good despite the dry start in May  - even the peas and barley silage crop on Penrhiw which was sown SO LATE.  

Take care


Hello.  Seems ages since my last email so here's an update on what we are doing at the moment.

Markets:  we are not attending any Cardiff markets at the moment..  When they restarted, we were simply too busy with deliveries and pre-orders to attend and you, our valued customers, told us you wanted the deliveries to continue.  Have attitudes changed  ??  There has been a drop off in orders and we are wondering if our customers are expecting us to be in the markets.  Feedback please.  Usk continues as a "click and collect" style market but the option to buy without pre-order will be trialled this Sat.   Preorders are appreciated however as it helps with our preparation.  

Farms:   busy as usual with all our activities totally dependent on the weather.  We've made some hay, some haylage (was supposed to be more hay but the forecast was wrong !!), peas and oats silage (on Cefn Coed), shorn the ewes (after a couple of false starts - again it rained !!), weaned the early lambs on to some fresh aftermath - the lush regrowth after cutting the hay, an annual TB test on Cefn Coed - thankfully all clear ........

Please let us know what you would like us to do - we are going to have to give the market organisers lots of notice if you would like us to return soon.


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