Usk Farmers' Order Collection Only Market May 16th, 2020 9.00am - 10.30am

Click on the names below to open each online shop.  Payments for orders are made directly to the individual producers who will contact to arrange.


  • Tom Llewellin  Free range organic chicken.  Sold out for May 16th.

  • Penrhiw Farm  New Season Lamb is now in season.                                                            
  • Black Mountains Smokery Black Mountain Smokery is on lockdown and not able to come to Usk. For alternative please  contact Johnathan 01873811566, or for mail order collection/delivery                                               
  • Creative Foods A range of artisanal bread.                
  • Little Mill Natural Products Preserves, cordials, honey and home-baked pies.                     
  • Food for Thought  Tilly is sending orders by post.                                                                             
  • Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice Single variety Apple Juice -next market June 6th.                                                              
  • Humble Bee Beauty Soaps, candles, diffusers based on beeswax                                        
  • Smart's Traditional Gloucester Cheese will not be coming to Usk but Jo will post orders.               
  • Onllwyn Eggs Hen and duck eggs                             
  • Whitebrook Organic Growers  Organic fruit and vegetables                                                      
  • Lewis Loppers and Loggers
  • Shepherds Ice Cream                      

  • Brecon Brewing A range of artisan beers  and cider.  If we don’t have many orders we can defer to the following market

The following procedures must be observed.

On arrival at the Memorial Hall Car park:

  • Producers vehicles will be spaced out around the perimeter of the car park. 
  • There will be a clockwise flow of traffic with each customer displaying a clear sign of who they are so that the producers can identify the relevant order.
  • Customers are advised to open their boots on arrival in order for the producer to place the
    products directly into the car.
  • There will be pedestrian customers. Great care must be taken for their safety with a slow and patient clockwise progression around the car park.
  • The exchange with walking customers must be conducted so that a 2m clearance is maintained throughout.
  •  Long queues of traffic in the access roads must be avoided and should the car park become congested please go around again, or wait at a convenient place close by.
  • Please close your boot before leaving the car park.
  • Each producer will provide a table for pedestrian customers to collect their orders