Guide to online ordering

This on-line catalogue is a little different from the ones you may have used elsewhere. Rather than all the orders going to a central point, as is the norm, each producer has their own dedicated shopping cart resulting in only their orders being sent to them.  Payments for your orders are made directly to each producers who will contact you to arrange.

The ordering procedure:

  • After adding a new product to your cart  a green box appears with confirmation the item has been added to your cart.
  • Each time you add a product to your cart a number will appear (top left hand of the page)  under "Your Cart"  This number represents all the items in your cart
  • If you click on the number underneath "Your Cart" a box will appear with a list of the items in the order they have been added.
  • click on "cart" (bottom left of the box) which takes you to your cart.
  • Click on Return to Your Cart if there are numbers still registering at the top of the page.
  • The items on Your Cart page are arranged in individual producers carts. 
  • You can check the items in your cart and remove or modify where desired.
  • Proceed to checkout when all is in order with your cart. 
  • If you order from more that one producer you will need to check out each producer's cart.
  • Continue checking out the carts until the number 0 is registering under "Your Cart".   
  • Your orders are sent to each producer who will arrange payment with you and verify collection.