Corona Virus Pandemic Update

Corona Virus Pandemic Update

The market is currently not operating in its traditional fashion.  There is an order-only collection in the Memorial Hall car park each Saturday from 9 am - 10.30 am. Orders can be placed with market stallholders.  Please see the Online Shop on the market page.

The market has been operating in Usk for over 21 years and has only missed 4 scheduled dates, during the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001, otherwise, come floods, storms and blizzards, there has been a market on every first and third Saturday of each month. The problem with the current pandemic is the market is designed to bring customers and producers into close contact, which is, fundamentally, a bad idea in the current circumstances. So this new approach is to try and maintain the supply of market products whilst doing our utmost to avoid spreading the virus.  We hope that we can keep going with this arrangement until such a time there is no longer a threat of infection and we can, once again, enjoy our mutual company.

The latest Government Guidelines on closing businesses.

The following procedures are being adopted to reduce risks as far as possible.

  • To protect our customers and our producers, Usk Farmers' Market will not continue in its traditional form until further notice.
  • Customers will need to create an account to enable online ordering. Orders will be forwarded to the relevant stallholder who will contact customers to make payment.  Orders can be collected at Usk Memorial Hall Car park each Saturday between am and 10.30 am.
  • Orders on this site will be forwarded to the relevant stallholder who will contact customers to arrange payment.
  • Collections are for pre-ordered items only.
  • Customers wishing to purchase produce must pre-order and pay prior to
    each collection date.
  • For customers who have existing ways of ordering directly with the
    Producers, there is no reason this should not continue, as long as these
    protocols are observed. It is imperative that such customers are fully aware of these protocols.
  • No cash or card payments will be accepted at this collection under any
  • Customers and Producers must keep two-meters apart throughout the
  • Products will be brought to the Memorial Hall Car park on collection days  from 09.00 am to
    10.30, where they will remain stored in the stallholder's vehicle until collected.
  • We recommend the following action on arrival at the Memorial Hall Car
    • Producers vehicles will be spaced out around the perimeter of the car park. 
    • There will be a clockwise flow of traffic with each customer displaying a clear sign of who they are so that producers can identify the relevant order. (An A4 sheet with their name clearly printed held at the vehicle window.
    • Customers are advised to open their boots on arrival in order for the producer to place the
      products directly into the car.
    • There will be pedestrian customers. Great care must be taken for their safety with a slow and patient clockwise progression of vehicles around the car park.
    •  Long queues of traffic in the access roads must be avoided and should the car park become congested, please go around again, or wait at a convenient place close by.  Since it is only an order market there is no need to rush and the hope is that things will proceed in an orderly fashion with plenty of time available.
    • Please close your boot before leaving the car park.
    • For pedestrian customers; each producer will provide a table where orders can be placed after customers have identified themselves. The 2m clearance must be observed throughout the procedure.
  • It has been traditional for customers to arrive at the market considerably
    earlier than the advertised time, in order to secure products. As this
    scheme is for pre-ordered products only, please note that collections will
    only be available from 9.00am to 10.30 am.
  • If there are any issues with the above, please contact Usk Farmers’
    Market via email - mobile 07731647020.