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Thomas Llewellin

Chickens are reared from day old to full Soil Association Standards. These standards exceed those  free range chicken. After their move from the brooding room at three weeks or so, the chickens are reared in small groups on grass paddocks. The paddocks are secured against predators so that the chickens never need to be shut into their houses; they can graze and forage whenever they choose. When possible their diet is supplemented with wheat grown on the farm. I keep the birds for between 11 1/2 and 20 weeks. They are, therefore, bigger than most and have had time to develop the better flavour that has won them many regular customers. Contact Tom: Telephone: 01291620093 Mobile: 07789807030

Tom Llewellin 353 0 Thomas Llewellin Thomas Llewellin
Lewis Loppers and Loggers

Seasoned firewood logs and kindling wood for home delivery in Monmouthshire
Lewis loppers & loggers all types of garden & tree maintenance undertaken
A full range of logs and kindling available all year round for delivery in Monmouthshire and surrounding area
Truck load of seasoned logs = (£80 mixed)
Kindling nets = £3.50
log nets = £4
Bird boxes = £12
Bird feeders = £8
Log stores built to measure from £100 (e.g 2ft deep x 3ft wide x 4ft heigh)

Sam Lewis 364 0 Lewis Loppers and Loggers
sage wools

 The main product is luxury hand-spun 100% alpaca wool made from the fleeces of my own small herd of alpacas and fleeces from 2 alpacas on a neighbouring farm in the same village.
The wool is sold in 100gm balls currently in 6 natural colours. This wool has been hand knitted into hats and mittens of various designs. Being alpaca, it is incredibly soft, light and very warm.
Also available is a range of individually designed handbags. These are made by weaving, by hand, commercially produced alpaca/silk/wool mix (the hand spun wool does not have the tensile strength for weaving) and then felting it to form a thick, natural-looking material. This is then sewn into handbags, each one being slightly different to give a unique product.

630 0 sage wools
Trealy Farm Charcuterie

'Our artisan business combines innovation and technology with traditional methods of curing, smoking and air-drying inspired by our training with charcuterie makers across Europe. Our product range includes many products rarely made in the UK, as well as more traditional British products. All are made to our own distinctive recipes and techniques, derived from our unique blend of the best traditional practices and cutting-edge food science research. Our pork, beef, lamb, venison and duck meat is free range and sourced from Trealy Farm or other select smaller UK farms. We use traditional breeds such as the Saddleback pig, Welsh Black cattle & Welsh Mountain lamb. Our product range and business philosophy have helped us win many prestigious awards including the Great Taste, True Taste, Waitrose Made In Britain, BBC UK Food Producer of the Year & Observer Best UK Food Producer, amongst others. Producing British charcuterie since 2005, we are proud to supply some of the best food outlets in the UK and have full SALSA accreditation. Pure Products, Natural Flavours: No artificial colourings/flavourings - in cured products we use a specially made curing salt with minimum levels of nitrite required for safety (no nitrates/saltpetre). All products allergen-free. Courses: Visit for information. We are also always happy to respond to requests and design bespoke courses. Anyone who wants to make their own hand-made meat products, including smallholders who want to do justice to their own meat, can hire our professional production unit at Trealy Farm. · Delivery - Salami/Air-Dried ranges £10 charge. If other ranges included, chilled delivery: £14. · Payment - By card/cash or BACS in advance. Please call to make card payment or e-mail for BACS details. · Direct sales - Regular Farmers’ Markets dates are: Usk (1st/3rd Saturdays), Stroud (2nd Saturday). You can visit us to buy at our unit at Goytre, NP4 0AL, Monday to Friday – but please call ahead. Contact us direct for info on our food festivals & other events or on stockists local to you.'

James Swift 347

Geolocation is 51.7343171, -2.97897779999994

0 Trealy Farm Charcuterie Trealy Farm Charcuterie
Love Patisserie Tracy Dugan 452 0 Love Patisserie
Creative Food

Creative Food is a home based business run by Beverly Reed, an internationally experienced pâtissier and Chocolatier. Beverly can be seen selling her wares at Usk and Abergavenny Farmers markets. Beverly's product range includes delicious croissants, scones, biscuits, mouthwatering desserts all handmade and produced fresh for the market. Also available are handmade chocolates, turkish delight and fudge


Follow @BevCreativefood

Beverly Reed 345

Geolocation is 51.5795741, -3.05759209999997

0 Creative Food Creative Food
Whitebrook Organic Growers

We are growers of organic fruit and vegetables also a small quantity of eggs from our chickens. Our method of production is entirely in line with traditional organic principles i.e

  • No pesticides used
  • No herbicides used
  • No insecticides used
  • All plant and chicken feed are organic and free of GM ingredients.

While our objective is to supply our own produce we find that in the winter period, demand is greater than we are able to supply and in this case we purchase organic produce from a certified wholesale outlet and these purchases are recorded and sourced through our records.

Paul and Franciss Cooper 343

Geolocation is 51.6211617, -2.81898969999997

0 Whitebrook Organic Growers Whitebrook Organic Growers
Beechtree Bees Mike Baynham 736 0 Beechtree Bees
Penrhiw Farm Organic Meats

Penrhiw Farm is an upland farm , extending to 70 hectares situated on the eastern side of the Taff Bargoed valley in the county borough of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.. The farm has been owned by the Thomas family for at least four generations, and the farmhouse is of the traditional Welsh long house type with a stone barn attached. A flock of purebred South Wales mountain sheep, known localley as Nelsons, was established fifty years ago. These ewes are renowned for their hardiness and tremendous natural mothering instincts and produce lambs of excellent flavour. A proportion of the flock are crossed with Suffolk and Charolais rams to produce early lambs for the market.

The herd of suckler cows is bred with our pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull. The calves are born in the spring and suckle their mothers for nine months. They spend the cold and wet winter months indoors and are then turned out onto fresh grass in the spring. The cattle thrive on our upland pastures and readily produce good quality beef. The farm is mainly permanent grassland , together with a small area of forage crops which are grown to support the livestock. Penrhiw Farm achieved organic status in March 2001. Soil Association, License Number, G4720. We are a member of the Farm Assurance Scheme (No. 2895). Produce can be bought directly from the farm and local deliveries can be arranged.
Penrhiw Farm attend the following Farmers Markets:

Usk Farmers Market
Riverside Real Food Market
Rhiwbina Farmers' Market (Cardiff
Llanyraphon Food and raft Market

John and Celia Thomas serving at a market

Celia Thomas 330

Geolocation is 51.6795354904229, -3.29184293746948

0 Penrhiw Farm Organic Meats Penrhiw Farm
Paul's Organic Vegetables

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