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Black Mountains Smokery

Display of Blavmountains Smokery samples

A family run business smoking a wide range of foods. We use traditional curing methods with modern smoking equipment to produce the finest quality.All our foods are guaranteed free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives

Orders can be made  directly to Black Mountain Smokery.  Orders may be collected form the markets on November 7th 2020 and December 5th 2020 from Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice.

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Creative Food

Mouith watering desserts

Creative Food is a home-based bakery business run by Beverly Reed, an internationally experienced pâtissier and Chocolatier.Beverly's product range includes delicious croissants, scones, biscuits, mouthwatering desserts all handmade and produced fresh for the market. Also available are handmade chocolates, Turkish delight, and fudge made in small batches without the use of synthetic preservatives. Beverly sources her ingredients from near and far. Flour comes from a specialist Miller in Gloucestershire. Where possible raw materials are British and if possible Welsh. Eggs are free range, white sugar comes from sugar beet which is grown in the UK; Fruit where possible is seasonal & British. Some more specialist ingredients for example chocolate come from a variety of countries.



List of products: 


Pain aux Chocolat

Pain aux Rasin

Marzipan croissant

Apricot croissant

Lunettes de vanille

Torsade aux Chocolat

Pecan and Cinnamon swirl

Passionfruit cheesecake

Seasonal Pannacott

Pear Tartlets.jpg

Beverly's  Desserts change for each market. Please see this link for more details.



Whilst the market is open to the more conventional way of selling I will only have a few extra items - please preorder where you can to avoid disappointment 


I will also bring a selection of my Christmas Chocolates, Advent Calendars and other Christmas treats. These will be available at all markets leading up to Christmas, but again pre order to avoid disappointment. Here's the link to my Christmas page  More products may be added as they become available so please pop back to this page in a couple of weeks. Boxes of chocolates can be viewed at the following link.


Many thanks

  • Honey Pannacotta with Roasted Fig and raspberry coulis
  • Citrus Jelly  £3.80
  • Blackcurrant &  Almond Streusel.£3.90 (F,V)
  • Bakewell Tart/ slice(V,F) £3.80/£2.50
  • Apple and Cinnamon Delice £3.90 (V)
  • Dark Chocolate & Caramel Tart with Poached Pear£3.90(V)
  • Crème Brûlée £3.50(V)
  • Peanut Butter Flapjack £1.25 (V)
  • Selection of biscuits(V) £4.00
  • Mince pies with frangipane top £1.30 or 12 for £15.00(F)

VIENNOISERIE (all suitable for home freezing & vegetarian) 

  • Croissants £1.40 
  • Pain aux Chocolat £1.60 
  • Maple Pecan Swirl £1.60
  • Pain aux Raisin  £1.60 
  • Marzipan Viennoiserie £1.60
  • Apricot Viennoiserie £1.60
  • Cheese Scones 6 for £5.00


  • Bag of 10 Chcoclates £7.00,(V)
  • Bag of 10 pieces of Turkish Delight (Rose and lime) £4.00
  • 10 pieces of fudge £4.00 per bag(V)
  • Chocolate lollipops £1.10 each
  • Boxes of chocolates available please see the following link

* (V) suitable for vegetarians & (F) suitable for home freezing

TO ORDER:email: tel 07890 240184, send me a text  or message via facebook, instagram or twitter. Please place orders by the end Wednesday 4th November


ALLERGENS : please contact me to discuss further


Please see Beverly's list of Christmas specials 

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Nov.17th Market offer

Little Mill Natural Products

Woodland products,  foraged preserves

No products available.
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Monmouthshire Turkeys

Monmouthshire Turkeys

Welsh Organic Bronze Turkeys, fresh for the Christmas Market. They are slaughtered on the farm, hand plucked and hung for a minimum of 7 days. 

Organic Dry-Aged Bronze Turkeys

For over 25 years, we've been rearing turkeys on our family farm in Monmouthshire. Our approach to farming marries high welfare standards and exceptional taste. We are certified by the Soil Association which not only ensures the welfare of our birds, but also our sustainable approach to farming. We process the turkeys ourselves, dry-plucking in order to hang, or dry-age as some call it, the birds for at least a week to make the most of their distinctive gamey flavour.

We sell from the farm gate,  Usk Farmers Market, Stroud Farmers Market and mail order.

Orders are now being taken and can be made directly to Juliet Holt-Wilson:

tel: 01291691988



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Penrhiw Farm

Penrhiw Farm

Penrhiw Farm is an upland farm, situated on the eastern side of the Taff Bargoed valley between Trelewis and Bedlinog in the county borough of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Penrhiw Farm is run by John and Celia Thomas who take great care to produce good quality organic beef, lamb and mutton and to make it readily available to discerning customers.  

Cefn Coed / Fforest Farm at Llansannor is run by Celia's brother, Graham.Hopkin and his daughter Ffion.  Delicious oganically reared pork, eggs and chickens are produced outdoors.with a huge emphasis on animal welfare.

Penrhiw Farm has been owned by the Thomas family for at least four generations, and the farmhouse, dating back to at least 1600, is of the traditional Welsh long house type with a stone barn attached.
The land rises from 850 ft (at the farm yard) to 1000 ft at the mountain gate which opens out onto the Merthyr and Gelligaer Common. The farm is mainly permanent grassland with a small area of forage crops which are grown to support the livestock in winter.   Penrhiw Farm attained organic status in 2001

A flock of purebred South Wales mountain sheep, known locally as Nelsons, was established fifty years ago. These ewes are renowned for their hardiness and tremendous natural mothering instincts and produce lambs of excellent flavour. A small number of Suffolk x South Wales Mountain ewes produce early lambs for the markets. This is to ensure we can provide fresh lamb all the year around.    

The herd of predominantly Aberdeen Angus suckler cows is bred with our pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls. The calves are born in the spring and suckle their mothers for nine months. They spend the cold and wet winter months indoors and are then turned out onto fresh grass in the spring. Aberdeen Angus beef is renowned for its marbling, succulence and tenderness as well as a really good flavour.

A few changes have occurred over recent years. To expand the range of organic meat on offer, Penrhiw has linked up with Cefn Coed / Fforest Farm. Cefn Coed and Fforest Farm has been owned by the Hopkin family for 3 generations and is where Celia grew up with her siblings, Graham and Kath.   After a period when Fforest was rented out to a neighbouring farmer, the farm returned to family control in 2015.   Graham and his family took on the challenge of converting the land to a mixed organic livestock and arable farm.   Ffion has left school and works on Penrhiw and Cefn Coed as well as attending Coleg Sir Gar at Gelli Aur. Nanny Sheila has retired but still oversees all operations and is always a valuable source of advice (and practical help - at 87 !)

The limestone derived soils of the Border Vale are productive and good for grass and growing arable crops. They drain freely and spring comes earlier than at Penrhiw.   Welsh pigs, chickens - both laying hens and meat birds, a small herd of Welsh Black suckler cows, a flock of ewes and turkeys for Christmas have gradually been added as well as growing a range of cereal crops for feed.

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Penrhiw Farm’s organic meat is all processed on the farm. The cattle and sheep are slaughtered in the Caerphilly Abattoir and the pigs in Maesteg at Maddock Kembury Meats.  They are brought back to Penrhiw to hang in our own cold room.


Our Aberdeen Angus beef, derived from our suckler herd, is renowned for its marbling, succulence and tenderness as well as really good flavour.The carcases are hung in our own cold room for approx. 4 weeks. We offer a full range of roasting joints, steaks, mince and stewing steak. Our burgers are all hand made using fresh herbs and oats with no preservatives or flavouring added.  We occasionally have Welsh Black beef.


Our South Wales Mountain sheep, known locally as Nelsons, produce lambs of excellent flavour. The Suffolk X South Wales Mountain ewes produce early lambs to ensure we can provide fresh lamb all year around. A leg of lamb from Penrhiw won a Gold Award in the Wales True Taste Award in 2011/12. A wide range of roasting joints as well as chops, racks and mince are available.


Our mutton is hung for at least 2 weeks and comes from ewes that are at least 2 years old. Many are much older - having come to the end of their reproductive lives. Some as old as 8 years!! Use mutton to make the most excellent stews and curries - the long cooking enhances the flavour of the spices.   A leg of mutton recently featured in the National Sheep Association's mutton tasting at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair and was deemed the most flavoursome.   


Our pork comes from Welsh Pigs which are organically reared at Cefn Coed/Fforest. They roam freely outdoors, rooting around in the soil and enjoying life to the full. When the weather is bad they come indoors and enjoy deep straw beds. We sell a full range of roasting joints and chops, as well as bacon, gammon and sausages – plain pork; pork & apple, pork & leek; honey & mustard all made from natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours are used.


A flock of organically reared hens freely roam. The brown eggs taste wonderful with lovely rich yellow yolks. Happy hens sing all day long as they scratch in the soil and eat grass.


The demand for free range chicken has prompted the development of a small scale meat chicken rearing enterprise. A small on farm chicken abattoir has been organically approved and certified.   Organic chickens are now available weekly continuing the Hopkin tradition of rearing chickens for the table.  


At Christmas, free range organically reared bronze turkeys are a special treat

Penrhiw Farm attend various Farmers' Markets:

Usk on the 1st and 3rd Sat of every month at the Memorial Hall from 10 -1pm.

Rhiwbina in North Cardiff in the car park of the Butchers Arms every Friday morning from 10 - 1 pm.

Riverside in Cardiff every Sunday in every month 10-2 pm

Caerphilly Market in the Twyn Hall on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9.30 - 1 pm

Porthcawl market on every 4th Saturday from 9.30 - 12.30 pm

Home deliveries

Within a 5 mile radius of Penrhiw Farm or Cefn Coed - ring for details.

Collections from the farm

Open all hours!  Ring first to make sure there is someone home.

Local shops

Order in the butcher's shop in Treharris -"Cig Mynydd Cymru" see

Celia's emails, containing snippets of farm news, have become infamous and are included here. Updated fortnightly - follow the events at Penrhiw and Cefn Coed / Fforest - good and bad ...

You can contact Penrhiw and Cefn Coed via telephone or email.

Celia (Penrhiw) - 07796622441        John (Penrhiw) - 07775595036        House (Penrhiw) - 01443 412949

  Penrhiw email -

Graham (Cefn Coed) - 07845940678       Cefn Coed email -


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Smarts Traditional Gloucester Cheese

Smart's Cheese

Diana, Rod and William Smart represent three generations of Cheese Making at Old Ley Court, the family farm for over 50 years, in the Severn Vale.  Although Diana is now retired, traditional Gloucester Cheeses have been made on the farm for nearly 30 years.  Using unpasteurised milk from the closed herd, Award winning Single, Double and Harefield cheeses are handmade using traditional recipes and vintage cheese presses.  To meet the needs of the PDO for the Single Gloucester, we milk traditional Gloucester Cattle together with Brown Swiss, MRI, Montbelliarde and Friesians.  The whey from the cheese making is fed to our traditional Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, who in turn provide us with wonderful Bacon and Sausages.  We have an orphaned Gloucester Old Spot who is very free range, just like our Ducks, Hens and Geese and enjoys nothing more that being with the cows or having his tummy rubbed.

We would love you to come and watch the Cheese making process on a Tuesday or Thursday, if you would like to join us, please call us in advance.

Tel No; 01452 750225


or follow us on Facebook @ Smarts Tradtional Gloucester Cheese.

Old Ley Court, Chapel Lane, Churcham, Gloucestershire. GL2 8AR

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The Angel Bakery

The Angel Bakery Sourdough Loaves

We bake sourdough breads using flour from organic British millers. We use a long fermentation process that produces breads with a lovely open, creamy crumb and a distinct crust. We also make pastries using a similarly long fermentation process with the addition of French low hydration butter and organic eggs. The pastries have a flaky exterior and fluffy layers. We also use organically grown vegetables from Ross on Wye and our own small garden and rare breed meats to make savoury pastry treats.

 List of products: 

sourdough bread,
savoury pastries,

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Angel Loaves

Tom Llewellin

Free Range Organic Chicken
Free Range Organic Chicken

I rear the chickens in paddocks like this until between twelve and sixteen weeks of age, though up to twenty weeks at Christmas.  The net over the top is essential to protect them from goshawks and buzzards.

I have been committed to organic farming for over twenty years and I rear the chickens, and the farm's sheep and Dexter cattle, to Soil Association standards.  Organic rules always give birds more freedom than free range rules require.

I slaughter the birds on the farm for each market:  if you want to be sure of getting what you want, give me a ring on 07789807030, preferably before the Friday before the market when I will be cutting pieces and joints.

This year I have grown some organic oats to replace some of the pelleted organic feed.  I'm not sure yet whether this was a good idea - it was a particularly difficult harvest.  I shall give it another go next year, though, as the combine finished the harvest working well.

07789 807 030

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Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

Apple juice at Usk

Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

We are proud to be producing a quality juice which has won accolades such as the True Taste Award and has been served at Welsh functions at the Welsh Assembly and on St. David's Day at the European Commission in Brussels. It is a quality product with a good reputation and we are always working to uphold the good name of the product as well as developing all aspects of the business in order to ensure it is still talked about in ten years time!

Apples used in the juice are sourced from local orchards. All of these orchards produce some very rare and ancient apple varieties. Many of the trees in one of the orchards were planted by John's grandfather and the family are very proud in the knowledge that these trees are producing fruit that is being made into a quality, healthy product.

This year as well as using certified organic apples, we have used apples grown under natural conditions without the use of herbicides or pesticides. These have been sourced from local orchards: people who have bought property with a small orchard and after a few years the mature trees can bear a lot of fruit, much more than the average sized family can use. This has helped to increase production and add to the varieties on offer; it also gives the orchard owners a sustainable way of utilising their crop. This juice has a modified label (no organic symbol) and a different coloured foil wrap from the organic product.

The business has expanded this year and has doubled production. John and Margaret's son David has joined the business in his gap year and part time labour has been taken on to pick and process the apples.

Use these contact details to place orders. or placed by telephone on 07969 526 483.

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Whitebrook Organic Growers

Frances and Paul Cooper

We are growers of organic fruit and vegetables also a small quantity of eggs from our chickens. Our method of production is entirely in line with traditional organic principles i.e.

  • No pesticides used
  • No herbicides used
  • No insecticides used
  • All plant and chicken feed are organic and free of GM ingredients.

While our objective is to supply our own produce we find that in the winter period, demand is greater than we are able to supply and in this case we purchase organic produce from a certified wholesale outlet and these purchases are recorded and sourced through our records.

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