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Panorama Pedigree Welsh Pigs

We produce traditional tasting pork with real crackling from Wales only native breed of pig, the Welsh Pig. Once tasted pedigree Welsh pork is never forgotten. All our animals are reared outdoors with welfare in mind and only come for the very worst weather. Pigs are fed on a natural diet that is specially blended for us. We are UKTV Food Local Food Hero Regional Finalists 2007, and have featured in the Western Mail, The South Wales Evening Post, Y Golwg magazine and on BBC Radio Wales. Fresh Pork, Bacon, Sausages and lamb available weekly. We can be found at Port Talbot Farmers Market or by contacting us. Mail order delivery throughout the UK

Chris Bek 430 0 Panorama Pedigree Welsh Pigs
Welshmeats Online ? 434 0 Welshmeats Online
Siocled Moethus

We produce handmade luxury chocolates in Devils Bridge, near Aberystwyth. In 2010, we won a British Great Taste Award with our Amaretto Swirl and a Welsh True Taste Award with our Merlyn the Wizard.

Sarah Bunton 563 0 Siocled Moethus