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plant 2 plate

Plant 2 Plate were established in 2003 to provide hand-made ready meals, free from all artificial additives. Where possible, organic and free range produce is used, but at all times the meat used is British. When seasonally available, some of the herbs and vegetables used are home grown, pesticide free. Plant 2 plate policy is to recycle as much as possible. All our packaging is recyclable, and the packaging from the fresh produce is all recycled every week. All vegetable peelings are composted on site and any kitchen waste is collected weekly for recycling. The range of meals available cover a wide spectrum of tastes, hopefully, with a little something for everyone. Meals can be ordered in advance and collected from farmers markets, please ring for details

577 0 plant 2 plate
Gwynneth Rixon Ceramics

Gwynneth Rixon makes mainly functional ceramics, working from home. She is also sharing a salt glazing kiln near Abergavenny with other potters. Gwynneth is a member of South Wales Potters and her work can be seen at Usk Farmers Market and at home.

Gwynneth Rixon 579 0 Gwynneth Rixon Ceramics
Leons Sauce Company

Leon’s sauces bring a hint of Spain and Morocco. Leon’s sauces come in four tasty varieties: Original Sauce, Spicy Sauce, Prune Tagine and Apricot Tagine. There are no added sugars or artificial additives and what’s more, the ingredients are sourced locally where available. Unlike many main-stream ready-made sauces, Leon’s sauces are suitable for diabetics and those on a gluten-free diet. ‘My sauces are handmade in small batches with lots of passion and loving care, using the finest ingredients and nothing added,’‘The Spanish and Moroccan influence reflects my background and style of cooking.’ ‘I am passionate about food and you’re not always sure of what’s been added to food these days, so I decided to create some unusual flavoured sauces all to enjoy,’ The sauces can be used as a base for all kinds of meat and vegetarian dishes and recipe leaflets are available. • No added sugar • Free from artificial additives • Suitable for diabetics • Gluten free For further information, please contact Leon Abecasis direct on, on 07805727486 or 01544 262869

Leon Abecasis 581 0 Leons Sauce Company
Teifi Farmhouse Cheese

Established in 1982 by John and Patrice Onswedder and Paula von Werkhoven. They moved to Wales in 1981 and set up their cheese-making operation at their farmhouse in Mid Wales.
They are true artisan cheese-makers, dedicated to tp the production of cheese made from unpastuerised milk and committed to retaining traditional cheese-making principals, many of which are taken from their Dutch heritage.
Over the past two decades Teifi Farmhouse has developed a wonderful range of cheese with a reputation that has spread worldwide.

John Savage 583 0 Teifi Farmhouse Cheese
Gourmet Pancakes

A Tradional Handmade Gourmet Pancakes with a savoury filling enveloped in a creamy sauce made with double cream & creamcheese. We have also added a tomato base filling. A delightful hot snack, starter for a dinner party or as a main meal. We have 6 Savoury Fillings Herefordshire Beef with Onions & Stilton Ham Mushroom & Chive Huntress Chicken Smoked Haddock with Spinach Flat Mushroom with Pesto & Stilton Roasted Vegetable & Butterbean. Savoury £2.75 each or 2 for £5.25 frozen Meals Salmon with Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce& Freshly grated parmesan Meal for 2 £5.50 We also have a range of Sweet Pancakes Apple & Cinamon, Luxury Chocolate, Banoffi, Pear & Chocolate. Sweet pancakes two in a pack £2.75 or 2 packs for £5.25 We try where possible to source local ingredients using local farmers and growers withing our county and surrounding countiesan when possible using our own home grown produce. If you wish to place an order please telephone 01981 580 153

Julie Evans 590 0 Gourmet Pancakes
Treenergy Woodfuels Ltd

Treenergy is a renewable energy company, based in Monmouth. We specialise in heat from wood, which is the oldest form of heating.
Most of the world is still using wood for heating and cooking. In Britain, however, we have been spoilt with cheap and abundant North Sea oil and gas. As these fuels diminish in availability and increase in cost, we will all need to move toward using fuels that are more traditional and developing locally sustainable economies. Treenergys powerful vision is to work in harmony with our precious environment, whilst working alongside and supporting our local industries to manufacture our top quality products. All of our products are made from clean, untreated wood that in the form of sawdust and shavings is a byproduct of sawmills and joineries, otherwise destined for landfill. 10 millions tons are dumped in landfill annually!
Treenerg’s Products:
Treenergy Briquettes are a densely compressed fuel, typically 5 ½ cm square by 36cm long, available in convenient packs of 10 or as tonnes delivered in a variety of packaging from our factory.
Here is an example comparing the efficacy of our fuel with wood:
One 10 Kg pack of highly efficient Treenergy Briquettes burns for (approx) 18 hours compared with one 10 Kg pack of air dried logs which will burn (approx.) a mere 4 hrs. 20 mins. Additionally Treenergy Briquettes will not cause the corrosion damage that wood or coal will, in your flue or chimney.
Also we supply:
Treenergy Pellets: For pellet stoves and boilers
Treenergy Pellets: For horse bedding and animal litter.
Treenergy Charcoal:Burns as hot as anthracite, but much cleaner!
Make a difference – save money, save expensive maintenance costs for your flue or chimney, support the environment and switch to Treenergy products!
Visit our website at

David Thorp 592 0 Treenergy Woodfuels Ltd
The Fair-Trade Catering Company

Fair-trade tea and coffee served from the mobile coffee pod along with a choice of my special recipe fruit cake,  and the best selling Lemon Drizzle cake. Home made soup is also available on chilly days!
Available for events, small functions and corporate catering (up to 20 people).
Contact me for prices and availability.

Julie Brawn 597 0 The Fair-Trade Catering Company
Crown Farm Meats

Crown Farm Meats is a family run business from Raglan. Our pedigree traditional Lops and Sandy Black Pigs are home reared. We take great pride in our pigs and regularly attend shows all over the country with great success not only in the show ring but promoting these rare breeds. Our traditional pigs are slow maturing and therefore give a fuller flavour. Animal welfare is high on our priority and all pigs are regularly wormed and vaccinated. Also having a local abattoir a mile down the road means are pigs are not stressed during their final journey. Having returned to our licensed cutting room where they are jointed, packed and labelled. We make all our own flavoured sausages to the highest standard which have won gold and silver awards. Crown Farm Meats also supply lamb to the same high standards as our pigs. We also have some free range duck and chicken eggs.

604 0 Crown Farm Meats
Caws Celtica Sue Hilditch 605 0 Caws Celtica
The Parsons Nose

The Parsons Nose is a family run business based on our farm in Monmouthshire.
We have been Farmers, 
Butchers and Bakers for generations and still follow the 
traditional family recipes.We have state of the art facilities producing specialty award winning 
produce such as our extensive variety of free range
 sausages made from our own pigs and cattle.

We produce the finest handmade speciality sausages made on our farm using our own Pedigree Large 
Black Pigs, expertly seasoned and 
hand linked, in natural skins, served in an Artisan fresh roll.
We also produce handmade 100% beef burgers made using our own pedigree Hereford or Dexter 
cattle and delicious homemade hand raised individual hot water crust pies.

Andrew Dobson 606

Geolocation is 51.8002850281432, -2.80503273010254

We produce the finest handmade speciality sausages made on our farm using our own Pedigree Large Black Pigs, expertly seasoned and hand linked, in natural skins, served in an Artisan fresh roll. We also produce handmade 100% beef burgers made using our own pedigree Hereford or Dexter cattle and delicious homemade hand raised individual hot water crust pies. 0 The Parsons Nose