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Moor Meals

Moor meals provides a growing range of ready-prepared meals in single or double portions, larger by request - either chilled or frozen. Also a selection of scrumptious meat pies, all handmade on our farm, using home-produced meat from our herd of Pedigree Dexter cattle and flock of rare-breed sheep and locally sourced vegetables whenever possible. Available from the farm, delicatessens, farm shops and local farmers markets.

Jackie Limb 780 0 Moor Meals
Chopsticks Henry Ang 874 0 Chopsticks
Emma's Pigs

Contact Anne Cianchi



Image of logoEmma's Pigs is a family run business started by Emma who surprised her parents by asking for a couple of rare breed pigs for her 14th birthday! 
Thinking this would be a passing phase they sent her on a pig keeping course to show her that pigs were not really ideal pets, as they would be a lot of work to look after and were hardly cuddly! 
Instead of putting Emma off pig keeping, this reinforced her desire to protect these endangered animals. It did not take her long to realise that the best way to preserve the breeds was to farm them. Not only was she able to provide her customers with sausages, bacon and pork which do not shrink in the pan, but offer a truly mouth watering experience (with crackling to die for). But she was able to offer these rare breeds a lifeline, out in the open air with space to root, forage and wallow. It was a win win situation! 

Twelve months later Emma's first Berkshire pigs have become her breeding stock and she has expanded with a variety of other breeds too. To follow her progress and to get a Pigs View of Life visit 

Anne Chanci 122

Geolocation is 52.0773145, -2.91483489999996

0 Emma's Pigs Emma's Pigs
Janes Handmade Bread

Jane selling her breads at an oudoor market stallI make all my bread by hand from start to finish, using certified organic flours.

Bread, and home-made cakes, nut-roasts etc. are available at markets, shops and for home-delivery.

Jane Tomlin 363 0 Janes Handmade Bread
Cuisine Hygiene Food Hygiene Training

As part of the drive for improved standards of hygiene and safety in the food industry, all personnel involved in the preparation and/or presentation of any food, including beverages, should be fully aware of all aspects of Food Hygiene Safety. Registered with the Chartered institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), my company is able to offer all persons, involved with food, the opportunity to gain the CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene. This nationally recognised qualification will ensure that your staff are trained to, and can comply with, food industry standards. We also offer the CIEH Foundation Certificate in food Hygiene Update for staff who already have the qualification.(The CIEH recommends that the qualification be updated every three years). For those who are in a supervisory role the Intermediate Certificate in Food Hygiene is offered. The training course can be completed within one day (6 hours)and includes a short multiple-choice paper that is externally examined by the CIEH. The Intermediate Certificate takes three days (18 hours) followed by a multiple-choice paper. We aim for a 100% success rate and offer extra training and re-submission of papers for a nominal fee to any candidate who does not obtain the CIEH Certificate at the first attempt. Training days are flexible and may be delivered at your premises at a time to fit in with your business requirements. Costs for courses may be obtained by contacting the above number or email address.

Louise Barnes 365 0 Cuisine Hygiene Food Hygiene Training
Welsh Brew Tea

Welsh Brew Tea is supplied by Adwell Foods Ltd, a family owned company established in 2004. Located on the beautiful Gower peninsula in Mumbles, South Wales, the company avails a nation wide marketing service to the multiple, independent, wholesale, hotel, and catering sectors. In addition to our extensive range of tea products, we supply a range of coffee and luxury drinking chocolate. All our products can be viewed and purchased via our website, and through most major retail establishments across Wales. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality and service at all times. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. Alan Wenden; Director & founder of Adwell Foods

Alan Wenden 366 0 Welsh Brew Tea
Welsh Venison Centre




Elaine Morgan 368 0 Welsh Venison Centre
Kingstone Brewery Ed Biggs 369 0 Kingstone Brewery
Avrils Country Kitchen

Handmade Preserves. Home made in small batches using whole natural ingredients. Free from GM ingredients, artificial colours or preservatives. Fruit and vegetables home grown where possible, picked locally or sourced as locally as possible

371 0 Avrils Country Kitchen